Tim Lyman Real Estate

What we do:

Help you design a catalog system for your collection

If your collection is not currently organized and cataloged, we will work with you to develop a simple system that works for you. We may be able to provide some labor, but that is mostly up to you.

Provide storage materials

In most cases we will provide you with negative sleeves for storage of film negatives, sleeves for storage of photographs, binders to hold the sleeves, and boxes to hold the binders. We will also provide storage materials for documents and digital materials. We’ll make suggestions on additional measures you can take to protect your collection.

Digitize your collection

We will scan your photographs and negatives at resolutions exceeding film resolution using professional equipment and methods. The files will be archived to M-DISC DVDs (1000 year lifespan) and stored on redundant offsite file servers. Depending on the number and nature of the documents in your collection we will also scan some or all of your documents at 600 dpi resolution. Digital copies of documents are also stored on M-DISC dvds and on redundant offsite file servers. Any oral history audio tapes will be converted to digital format. Motion pictures will be converted to high resolution digital video.

Make your collection accessible

Once digitized, your collection will be uploaded to a website we create for your, or to your existing website, and to the Local History Project website. Your images will be watermarked to prevent unauthorized use (a large logo will appear across the image like this). Those wishing to may purchase copies of the images from you. If we create a website for you, it will be optimized for search engines, and easy for you to update.

Provide grant writing assistance

We can’t provide everything your organization might need to house and protect its collection, but we can help you apply for grants for those things.

What we do not do:

Charge fees

The Local History Project provides all services and materials free of charge. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Tell you what to do

While there are some requirements for participation (you must be willing to catalog your materials if they are not cataloged, and attach identifying information – name, date, subject, etc – to them), we will not try to tell you how to run your organization.

All the work

If your collection is not cataloged, or the items in it missing identifying information, you will have some work to do. You can identify the items in your collection, we can’t. If your collection is already well cataloged and identified, there will be very little work required on your part.