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About Our System

The Local History Project has developed a template for the organization, preservation, and digitization of the collections of small geographic or thematic historical organizations. Objects are labeled according to Dublin Core Metadata standards, archived and stored according to a simple location based reference system, digitally scanned, and the digital scans placed on a website to make them available to students, scholars and the public worldwide via the internet. A lesson plan for teachers to use, in conjunction with the website, to educate students about the organization’s interest area is also produced.

The Local History Project delivers services in two phases. First, we train the beneficiary organization’s volunteers in Dublin Core Metadata standards and archiving methodology. Second, once the items in the collections are described according to Dublin Core standards and archived, select items are scanned, digitally archived, and placed on a website.

The Local History Project’s system is Easy

Easy to implement

  • Minimal volunteer training required
  • Minimal skillset for volunteers to acquire

Easy to maintain

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

The Local History Project’s system is Inexpensive

  • Initial services, supplies, and labor provided free of charge.
  • Extremely low, potentially zero, maintenance costs

The Local History Project’s system is Scaleable

  • No changes to methodology as collection grows
  • No software upgrades / add-ons as collection grows
  • Minimal incremental maintenance costs
  • Easily integrated into larger physical collections
  • Easily integrated into larger virtual collections