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The Local History Project

There are hundreds of small historical groups throughout Oregon.  Most of these groups have three things in common:

  • The collections are not well catalogued, making research access difficult
  • The collections are often stored in less than optimal conditions, making them vulnerable to damage
  • The best materials are usually the prized personal property of one or more of the members.

In short, many unique and irreplaceable collections are inaccessible to scholars and in danger of disappearing forever after the deaths of key members when heirs throw out “that old garbage in the garage.”

The Local History Project helps small historical groups organize, preserve, and digitize their collections.  The purpose of the Local History Project is to assure that collections are accessible to scholars, both “in person,” and via the internet, and that the collections survive the collectors.  Digitization allows us not only to share the collections worldwide, but to make available for study and enjoyment materials individuals might be unwilling to relinquish.